May 4, 2005

The week

Well my exams got over and after two days my upstairs relatives left to

Ooty. So I had the house all silent for the whole week.... me my

However this posed a problem for my perfectionist grandmother. Before i
continue..... A short insight on my granny

My granny gets up at 5 in the morning. Boils milk cooks for the entire
clan that includes her daughter, me, my uncle, aunt, and their school going kid.
Then she proceeds to cook for the morning and noon session also. Then
she makes coffee once the entire family is up which is at 7.30...
Meanwhile she does not rest a bit, keeps folding clothes and doing all
small things.

Come afternoon she dries up the clothes of the entire household and
folds them too. This is in short about my grandmother whom I adore for
her never saying die spirit.

The downside of all this is "She gets to do almost all the work at
Well i plan to take her away from all this in a year, when i get my

So in the time that my relatives were on vacation, there posed a
problem. The washing of clothes in the washing machine. Now my aunty
thinks no end of herself and assumes nobody is even half as good as
her (and yet she makes my gran do all the work).... So she asked my gran
to take the clothes downstairs and wash it and again carry them
upstairs... that woman needs spanking i swear it....

I entered the scene and laughed at this horrendous idea and told I’ll
take care of it and use their electricity only...the look on her face
was preposterous ha ha ha ha.....

My granny has always been wary of modern gadgets. She likes to learn
about them but finds it a little overwhelming...
So once they left i took over the clothing section when my
perfectionist granny wanted to learn how to do it... So i taught her on
one condition... "That she pretends not to handle that gizmo when that
lazy woman was around" and she agreed happily like a kid who had been
given a balloon.....

She must be washing away to glory now, that amazing woman who wishes
good only for everyone.... She also has her bad side... she does not
know that it is ok to come late and is quite safe... but that’s a very small part of it... I love her however she is

March 25, 2005


I was reading newspaper which had this article about exams and its tensions. It really angered me so much about the way our eductaion system works.How can it judge that one student is good and the other is not?

The educations system is so detrimental that parents start pressurizing their children to keep doing better, pushing themselves till they create zombies outta them.

Does this mean that a child who is probably interested in creative arts, or geography, or history is no good? Why is it that the teachers dont look beyond these marks which at best bring out the mugging capacity of children?

No wonder so many suicides amongst teenagers and school goers.... When there is so much pressure to achieve..the extent to which parents go is so bloody infuriating....
They cut of the tv access, no talking to friends....STUDYING STUDYING AND MORE STUDYING......

The number of parents who are getting councelled because of their childrens' exams are on the rise too.... A mother hanged herself as her son did not get the required percentage.... So many teenagers develop haedaches, forgetfulness before exams..... This tension gets added on especially if there is another achiever in the family. Such is the case in mine too.

There is a cousin who has proved her worth and in the same age group comes my sister and another cousin.... I see the grilling session they are in for every time there are exams around the corner.... I dont understand why compare when each person is unique... Why are studies the bar of success.....

This argument can go on and on...until our education system does not improve there' s no hope for probable future painters, historians etc... as they will be stuck in the so called rote system

March 18, 2005

Hello LIFE

The last week was eventful.... I realised that i needed to put back the zing in my life.... realised that happiness cant be attained from outside but from within... I let go of my inhibitions and thought about just being happy and being free

It was one rejuvenating experience.....everything seemed beautiful and nice. I realised what i had lost all these days brooding unnecessarily....

I let my closest friend have some space on his own...and its truefamiliarity breeds contempt and i experienced it...was painful to let go but my heart felt amazingly light...

I also met my sweetest friend Prabhash whom i call as baby bear who had a near death accident when we studying our final year of graduation. Its a wonder he is alive. I like him a lot for the simple fact he does not pretend to me unike others. I met him one morning... actually very early as i had no other time during the day... From 7 to 8 i spoke to him. The positive outlook i had since four days was visible immediately to him and he was happy for me too....

Well i beleive that life is a train journey where u meet lots of people. Not all might be travelling to the same destination but they accompany u a short while and leave a lasting impression in the short time and they leave making us a better person.

March 4, 2005

Mixed Up Day

Hello everyone.....

Today was a mixed and the usual day for me. We had a practical exam on Visual Basic.

Since it is the end of the week every teacher took it in turns to torture us to the core.... My Saturday was not spared... Oh i didnt tell u people what happened last saturday

It was a riot. Suddenly there came a rule into existence(which atleast my whole class had never heard of???)that jeans were not allowed on Saturday, the one day that my great college had allowed us.

What followed next was the humorous(satiric)part... All four main professors of our college were standing out... waiting like hawks swooping on unsuspecting preys and they were not disappointed.... they had quite a healthy fare that day.....

Some people like my friend Jude smiled at one of the dean and the dean smiled back(rather smirked) as he was wearing a tight and slightly short pant.... And the smiling session might have continued if not my friend realised that he had an exam to write. He was then allowed to enter.

The other scape goats like me were not so lucky...I went wearing jeans and all he said was "This is not acceptable young lady" i argued sayin it was a saturday and that the rule never came into existence till today.... He asked me to go home and then come back after having changed.

I thought to myself that i myst be one lunatic if I went back home all 17 kms in the bus and sweltering heat to come back again and attend the 1 hour class that could have been over :)

So i said ok sir and walked out of college...... Since a lot of my classmates were ship wrecked like me(I took it as a blessing in disguise to curl up at home or go out with friends and make even more of it than I would have in those classes)...... ha ha ha

Well I call him Baldy(one of the deans) who unfortunately shares the same zodiac sign as me andI hope to strangle him before anyone forms their opinion on me based on that....

That was easier said than done.... What about all the others who were moaning about their day having gone waste.... well I said stop crying over spilt milk and either go home and keep talking about it or enjoy the way u like.

Well I decided to grab a burger at Mc Donalds and I put on some sinful calories that day but it was worth it....

And tomorrow is Saturday....According to the heads of this institution we are supposed to be in smart casual...What the hell is smart casual ? I thought to myself.... I looked really smart in the jeans and it was casual wear then what in the world went wrong??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Well I am tired after that recount and would like to wish u all a great weekend ;-)

March 1, 2005

Me and My virus

Hi everyone

Its that time of the year---changing seasons--- and new afflictions

Well I succumbed to the cold virus .....It started off with this curious ticklish feeling in the back of my throat... I took medications immediately.... (I know its all in the head, but I believe unless I have paid my doctor or chemist their fees the virus seems to cling on.....)

The sore throat diappeared as promised in 3 days. Its side effects were bad breath(what else after swallowing one pill after another) and so I managed to keep away all other viruses at bay :)

Then after three days what happens??? I get the most disgusting sounding and irritating cough that tends to literally mangle my intestines... woof... But this time I wanted to beat the virus at its own game so I refused to make anyone richer..... waited to see what its course of action would be....

That bloody thing seems to be infatuated with me ..... not leaving me one minute.... :-(

And to bring in the cherry topping on cake... On the fifth day my nose seems to be getting sadistic instincts drawn from the virus.... what I had always taken for granted... breathing.... got laboured.... that wretched virus seems to be enjoying all the attention it is getting for itself...

So I decided to ignore it.... whoa.... its effect seems to be receeding slowly... and yes it has grown weaker.... ha ha ha

Its sign that it still loves my voice which has gone from Kajol's to Rani Mukherjee's voice....

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

February 14, 2005

Hiatus and Back

Hi everyone
I am back after a long hiatus...My life certainly is a roller coaster....never a dull moment...right now i am battling to remember my gmail password..And what do i get a jigsaw to solve and the question(i feel like kicking myseelf for having set it)"Which is the dream movie that captured my life".....well that was purely dumb as i have been given the pink slip to my account....Me and my humour

To top it all i had relatives coming over at my aunt's place(where i stay) on a long vacation themselves. This included an uncle and aunt who goes Sssnore...........Sssnore............instead of Zzzzzzz...... After a long day at college i come back home??? for this welcome. To top it all since it is a traditional set up i have to be (not myself)...didnt get??? Pretend.....which i detest.... and i decided to be myself which came quite as a shock to my granny and other older members(not only agewise but thoughtwise) give me the stares.

So i used to come back from college, have dinner, get ready to bed and Zzzzzzz..... much to their dismay as they were all planning to get me taliking on marriage and crap.

I swear if any of u know who was the great man(I m sure only the man was dumb enough to make stupid rules) who brought in the concept that marriage marked the truly great life for a woman..... ask him to be wary.... he ll get the beating of his lifetime...

Well I am tired after that polite outburst of mine... Ha Ha hA ...

Hi sweet cousin m eagerly awaiting ur comments!!!!

amidst all the cacophony i am supposed to be serenading to all holy events and waste my sunday
Why dont people understand that Sunday is Restday? after working all 5 days of the week why dont people wanna rest?

Well no more outpourings for the day.... Will wait for reviews

bye people

January 28, 2005


Hi everyone Its that time of the week that everyone loves to chill out. Well same here. But I could not help thinking that nowadays chilling out to many young people like u and me means-- having to spend money.... WHere have the good old days where chilling out meant going top a friends place and just hanging out doing nothing. What better way to relaxation than this?

Well i for one love spending money too....however sometimes(nowadays this is often) i feel MONEY has become the know all and be all for everyone.....however it is also the best thing to crib about especially when u dont have lots of money..... Ha HA ha

I was noticing yesterday how i was no longer able to see the sky unless i tilt my head upwards. Everywhere sky rise buildings have sprung up and wanting to look at the sky means having to develop a neck ache.... Well probably we might start to live in a dome in the years to come so that even sunlight wont affect our(oh so delicate) skins..... I love futuristic things... Hee hee....

Well will catch up with all of u later.
People send me some comments. Even if u have nothing good to tell....send in hate comments atleast.....

January 22, 2005

International work culture

We had a class of International work culture today. Our teacher asked us to write one like and dislike of indian culture and foreign culture.
One classmate of mine mentioned "lack of profesional attitude" of indians.
That one comment led to so many opinions from all.I for one definitely thought that we indians are unprofessional.
How many times have we not seen a government official sleeping in his work times? How many times we keep seeing filth created by the very people who preach about cleanliness.

January 6, 2005


Yesterday was result day. Well actually every day had been results day since monday so the seriousness had gone away(for me atleast!!).
It finally came at 8 in the evening. Well the events before this was hilarious and stupid too.
There were cases of a girl who started crying well before .....citing the reason as "I cant take the waiting anymore" to a guy who went about out of his head.....scaring everyone that results had come and getting onto my nerves...

Well i got my results...had secured 86% the topper being 90%. Didnt feel anything....was surprised.... neither elated nor disgusted nor even ok about the whole issue...

Life has taken quite a serious note after all....

January 3, 2005

Back 2 the day to day grind

Its back to studies, projects and lab sessions. The long trip finally came to an end. The new year came and went---- It seemed to be just another day and when people were wishing me--- It again flashed to me that maybe these things dont seem important any more to me.

I remember some 4 years back--one of my close friend(4 yrs older) told me that i would lose the enthusiasm i had for life(then) in the years to come. I vehemently opposed that. Today its the same path I am treading.

Nothing intersts me much except for my aims, money, my future and the relations i have.

I learnt"Nothing is permanent but change"