February 14, 2005

Hiatus and Back

Hi everyone
I am back after a long hiatus...My life certainly is a roller coaster....never a dull moment...right now i am battling to remember my gmail password..And what do i get a jigsaw to solve and the question(i feel like kicking myseelf for having set it)"Which is the dream movie that captured my life".....well that was purely dumb as i have been given the pink slip to my account....Me and my humour

To top it all i had relatives coming over at my aunt's place(where i stay) on a long vacation themselves. This included an uncle and aunt who goes Sssnore...........Sssnore............instead of Zzzzzzz...... After a long day at college i come back home??? for this welcome. To top it all since it is a traditional set up i have to be (not myself)...didnt get??? Pretend.....which i detest.... and i decided to be myself which came quite as a shock to my granny and other older members(not only agewise but thoughtwise) give me the stares.

So i used to come back from college, have dinner, get ready to bed and Zzzzzzz..... much to their dismay as they were all planning to get me taliking on marriage and crap.

I swear if any of u know who was the great man(I m sure only the man was dumb enough to make stupid rules) who brought in the concept that marriage marked the truly great life for a woman..... ask him to be wary.... he ll get the beating of his lifetime...

Well I am tired after that polite outburst of mine... Ha Ha hA ...

Hi sweet cousin m eagerly awaiting ur comments!!!!

amidst all the cacophony i am supposed to be serenading to all holy events and waste my sunday
Why dont people understand that Sunday is Restday? after working all 5 days of the week why dont people wanna rest?

Well no more outpourings for the day.... Will wait for reviews

bye people