January 28, 2005


Hi everyone Its that time of the week that everyone loves to chill out. Well same here. But I could not help thinking that nowadays chilling out to many young people like u and me means-- having to spend money.... WHere have the good old days where chilling out meant going top a friends place and just hanging out doing nothing. What better way to relaxation than this?

Well i for one love spending money too....however sometimes(nowadays this is often) i feel MONEY has become the know all and be all for everyone.....however it is also the best thing to crib about especially when u dont have lots of money..... Ha HA ha

I was noticing yesterday how i was no longer able to see the sky unless i tilt my head upwards. Everywhere sky rise buildings have sprung up and wanting to look at the sky means having to develop a neck ache.... Well probably we might start to live in a dome in the years to come so that even sunlight wont affect our(oh so delicate) skins..... I love futuristic things... Hee hee....

Well will catch up with all of u later.
People send me some comments. Even if u have nothing good to tell....send in hate comments atleast.....

January 22, 2005

International work culture

We had a class of International work culture today. Our teacher asked us to write one like and dislike of indian culture and foreign culture.
One classmate of mine mentioned "lack of profesional attitude" of indians.
That one comment led to so many opinions from all.I for one definitely thought that we indians are unprofessional.
How many times have we not seen a government official sleeping in his work times? How many times we keep seeing filth created by the very people who preach about cleanliness.

January 6, 2005


Yesterday was result day. Well actually every day had been results day since monday so the seriousness had gone away(for me atleast!!).
It finally came at 8 in the evening. Well the events before this was hilarious and stupid too.
There were cases of a girl who started crying well before .....citing the reason as "I cant take the waiting anymore" to a guy who went about out of his head.....scaring everyone that results had come and getting onto my nerves...

Well i got my results...had secured 86% the topper being 90%. Didnt feel anything....was surprised.... neither elated nor disgusted nor even ok about the whole issue...

Life has taken quite a serious note after all....

January 3, 2005

Back 2 the day to day grind

Its back to studies, projects and lab sessions. The long trip finally came to an end. The new year came and went---- It seemed to be just another day and when people were wishing me--- It again flashed to me that maybe these things dont seem important any more to me.

I remember some 4 years back--one of my close friend(4 yrs older) told me that i would lose the enthusiasm i had for life(then) in the years to come. I vehemently opposed that. Today its the same path I am treading.

Nothing intersts me much except for my aims, money, my future and the relations i have.

I learnt"Nothing is permanent but change"