December 5, 2011

Me and my idiosyncrasies

I am whacking tissues from the conference room. No wait. This isn’t stealing. Ok I am borrowing them. Shucks. I can’t be borrowing them since I am not returning them in the exact state I took them in. So what is it I am doing with the tissues?

I am helping myself to a few tissues from work, stuffing my already bloated and red nose into it and … wait for it…. ACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO . That was a whopper of a sneeze. Am I done? ACCCCCHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Well, not for a long time to come.

So I need to make this wretched over the top acting cold virus disappear forever so I can work and be more productive. Hence the tissue issue  I am doing this all for being a productive working professional. And using office stationery for official purpose is not stealing. NO. It is not.

Sniff Sniff… I am running out of tissues to stuff my nose with …. Annoying this cold is when it makes you want to tear your eyes off and those of who are healthy as well. Sigh…

Hindsight is the best sight and it is often the “never to find sight” just when you need it.

I know I should have said NO to the NUTTIES. I know should have said NO to the CRACKLES. I know I should have definitely said NO to the slurpy and drool worthy ALMOND ROCCA. Well, I obviously didn’t remember to do any of that and I have started the funeral preparations for my tooth.

Root Canal with those sharp, shiny and boring (as in drilling a hole) equipments is torture. So after quite some excavation, the mean evil dentists sucked the juice out of my living teeth and it has been laid to rest. There are quite a few sittings to suck this life out since I do have a tooth that perseveres and after every appointment – I feel my tooth is less alive.

On the TV front, I don’t quite hate the new Red Cell yet. I just don’t feel the energy and togetherness of the team as yet. The casting is so off :( though I like the cases this time around. Still it lacks the pizzazz and spunk. Maybe they are a newly formed unit and yet to get to know one another as well as the previous unit did. I miss Aaron Hotchner. I miss Reid; Even P is not her whole self in this new unit of Red Cell.

Coming to Movies,
Trespass – not bad
Cowboys vs. Aliens – what is the movie about? Why do aliens always attack only America – not that I am complaining: D
Conan the Barbarian - sucks
Ko - Not bad for a Tamil movie. Liked it
Hangover 2 - Do not please watch with parents, teenage cousins and kids

And seriously what is with the furor around Aishwarya Rai’s baby. Glad the hype and hoopla is over. Maids gossiping about it, naming the baby, selecting the dates, colleagues exchanging notes, horoscopes being discussed. I mean it’s a baby.

Get a life people and give me better gossip :D

April 26, 2011

Business Development

My first solo experience in attending a workshop on behalf of my company was on March 18, 2011. The Workshop was on “Off-Shoring and Outsourcing Opportunities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region”.

The inaugural speaker focused on the growing importance of Australia as a destination of IT and BPO industries which we could capitalize on as our biggest strength today remains a good eco-system consisting of industry expertise, good physical infrastructure, academia and the government support.

As I was thinking about convergence of positions of India and Australia in several areas, I was also trying to count how many others had come in a similar capacity as me. On last count there were close to 110 delegates. Each and every person there was working out ideas in his/ her head to tap into the Australian IT market worth A$100-billion – including me

I was seated next to Ms. M and Mr. P. I broke the ice by talking to Ms. M and made formal introductions of the companies we represented. She was from the Accounting industry and I was talking IT. We then exchanged business cards. She, being a regular member to the workshops conducted by the Chamber told me she would introduce me to few other key members.

The next introduction happened with the other neighbor – Mr P who was CEO of his BPO outfit in Kerala. Exchange of business cards seemed to be a natural action my hands realized sooner than my brain did.

Hmmm now that was not so bad. That actually went mighty well – thinking so I settle to hear my first speaker. I actually liked what she spoke. Pity no one could give her a standing ovation like the other speakers received due to some confusion on the stage

Before I knew it – she left and it was tea break and a whole new ball game. I realized that it is one thing to talk to people whom you are sitting next to as conversations gravitate towards the known whereas it’s a whole new ball game when you are breaking lines, addressing random people who actually might be wanting to enjoy and savor their tea unaware that here I am - inviting them to listen to what I had to say about my company and what we had to offer and how we can synergize our common goals.

The constant worry running in the back of my mind is – "Will coffee/tea win over the business conversations?" because the coffee/ tea was exceptionally good :)

I decided to follow Ms. M’s lead. The first few introductions were courtesy her – to the organizers of the event and the Chamber representatives and that’s when I noticed a pattern. People would very easily slip in and out of groups of people huddled over a cup of coffee and move to newer groups and talk business.

During the tea break session I could do that only within 2 groups and I had downed 2 coffees. I decided to put on my skates at the next break and carry tons more of business cards.

I had a question to ask the next speaker as it concerned a bottleneck I (my company) was facing in a new venture undertaken involving the Government. I got his insights which sounded like workable solutions and made a mental note to talk to him in person later. After a few more questions, it was lunch break.

This time, though the lunch comprised of an exciting spread, I had work to do. I approached Mr. J and got involved in a deep conversation on the North Eastern belt of India which was our area of interest. We spoke about impact of mobile penetration and he offered suggestions on how we could improve the literacy levels of the farming community to enable them get the maximum benefits of our new venture. He also gave a couple of references so we could explore more avenues and obtain a wider berth in the NE belt.

Post lunch, I felt no inertia. I was still as keyed up as I was in the morning and heard to all the speakers. And the second time was easier. The second half – people approached me wanting to know what business house I was representing and what was our expertise. Experienced the chase and also had to chase few others. The best of both worlds

Left to Bangalore the same night with new experiences, lots more business cards than I arrived with, new connections I hope will lead to business expansion and good memories