May 4, 2005

The week

Well my exams got over and after two days my upstairs relatives left to

Ooty. So I had the house all silent for the whole week.... me my

However this posed a problem for my perfectionist grandmother. Before i
continue..... A short insight on my granny

My granny gets up at 5 in the morning. Boils milk cooks for the entire
clan that includes her daughter, me, my uncle, aunt, and their school going kid.
Then she proceeds to cook for the morning and noon session also. Then
she makes coffee once the entire family is up which is at 7.30...
Meanwhile she does not rest a bit, keeps folding clothes and doing all
small things.

Come afternoon she dries up the clothes of the entire household and
folds them too. This is in short about my grandmother whom I adore for
her never saying die spirit.

The downside of all this is "She gets to do almost all the work at
Well i plan to take her away from all this in a year, when i get my

So in the time that my relatives were on vacation, there posed a
problem. The washing of clothes in the washing machine. Now my aunty
thinks no end of herself and assumes nobody is even half as good as
her (and yet she makes my gran do all the work).... So she asked my gran
to take the clothes downstairs and wash it and again carry them
upstairs... that woman needs spanking i swear it....

I entered the scene and laughed at this horrendous idea and told I’ll
take care of it and use their electricity only...the look on her face
was preposterous ha ha ha ha.....

My granny has always been wary of modern gadgets. She likes to learn
about them but finds it a little overwhelming...
So once they left i took over the clothing section when my
perfectionist granny wanted to learn how to do it... So i taught her on
one condition... "That she pretends not to handle that gizmo when that
lazy woman was around" and she agreed happily like a kid who had been
given a balloon.....

She must be washing away to glory now, that amazing woman who wishes
good only for everyone.... She also has her bad side... she does not
know that it is ok to come late and is quite safe... but that’s a very small part of it... I love her however she is