October 29, 2009

Quirks and Me

1. I am discovering me slowly.

2. As shy as I am when it comes to dancing, I am equally outgoing and social when it comes to wooing a crowd of new people.

3. I used to think vegetables and fruits were living organisms who feel pain. Till 5 years back, I used to eat and then privately apologize to them.

4. I love water – I am a water buffalo. I can just stand underneath the shower for hours and hours together – Don't ever approach me for the "Water Conservation” ad. However I cannot bathe in cold water. The moment cold water hits my head / body; I feel breathless. I think maybe somebody tried drowning me when I was young and hence this reaction

5. I wake up on Mondays flailing my hands out – trying to reach for a big stone to throw on the clock / mobile.

6. I remember my dreams. Is this normal? Is there anyone out there who can?

7. I like half boiled vegetables. I must have been Chinese in my previous birth.

8. I do a jump, squeal, heart attack routine first. Then appear paralyzed. Then I do the die, go-to-hell & come-back-to-earth routine. For what you may ask.
My answer is one word – The Cockroach

9. I am a sucker for sob stories. I will offer you my shoulder and let you rob me of my jewels too in the bargain. I am learning to watch with a discerning eye of late. Not working very well.

10. I like trying new cuisines. Going to a restaurant, I do not like ordering what I ordered before. Very rarely do I repeat items (only when it's really lip smacking and is the right quantity)

11. I don't like sharing food I find lip smacking. That way I am like Joey. Friends and family know that I share my food only when
a. I have eaten till my heart's content and can't put another morsel in my mouth.
b. I don't like the food

When I am hungry, I get a headache. I get murderous instincts when I am starved. People start looking like Tangy pasta / big cauliflower florets / Salads / Rolls / Burgers / Chats – in one word - food; so when I am hungry – feed me or stay away from me. I am ferocious.

I can be appeased at such times with just 1 slice of bread. Something to tell my brain – more food is following. And I can go hungry for 2 -3 hours again.

I like eating in small portions and enjoy having many small meals. I can eat anything any time. I can eat pasta (cold / hot) for breakfast. I can have chats for dinner. I can also eat idli / dosa for lunch. The only exception to the above rule is sweets. I don't like sweets with the rare exception of – Rasmalai. All other sweets– are distributed away to friends and family. I am not a sweet person ( ;) no pun intended).

12. I love my family 90% of the times. The remaining 10% of the times, my thoughts range from "Was I born to them?” To "Oh they are so ingratiating” to "Gosh I need silence"

We are a unique nutty family and I love them more so because of their faults – not despite their faults

13. I am very loyal - This is an invitation for people to come exploit me

14. In summers, my big toe has to be uncovered so I can feel the cool air from the fan. This cools me down.

15. I have to read a book – actual or e-book when I need to take a bio break. At my office, I smuggle the newspapers when I have to go downtown

16. I am extremely uncomfortable when someone pays me a compliment. I wish the earth would open up and swallow me. My ears get hot. My cheeks get hot. I wish I were invisible.

17. Once I get on a cleaning spree, I am unstoppable and a pain in the rear for other co-helpers