April 23, 2007

On my way to the so called Domlur Bus Stop

There was a proper bus stop near "Chef Residency" . This was until the flyover came up . There has been mayhem ever since then for me.

Firstly the bus stop is mobile between "Chef Residency" and the "Home Store". I am calling it mobile because there is no one place the bus stops. And it definitely does not stop where I am standing. I hate it. I detest it. I abhor it......... And I cant help it.....

To cross that road to get to the other side is so maddening.......... You might see me sometimes trying to make a dash zig zagging between all the vehicles who dont stop when I show my index finger and beseech them for one tiny little minute so I can move. But No. Everyone is in a hurry. Most of the times, I wait 20 minutes just to cross that blessed road.

On one of those rare occasions, the policeman would be standing. Once he steps in, we pedestrians sigh ......... With the raise of his hand, traffic comes to a stand still. And those times I feel like GOD.

Yesterday, I was walking towards my mobile BUS STAND, betting with myself as to where the bus would stop and whether I would be able to make it . This is important because I do not run after a bus. I never have and I dont intend to start doing it too.

Reason 1 : I hate looking desperate for the "KSRTC"bus
Reason 2: I wear high heels and do not wanna trip and make a fool of myself

Aah.......... I like to dress neat to work. I sometimes wear skirts(knee length) and wait for the bus. Often auto's come and stop near me. I shake my head with a smile and they smile back and drive away.

Why cant a person who dresses neat(read never vulgar coz showing legs can be classy when u carry yourself well), travel by bus. I dont understand this importance to clothes and judging people. My friends say "You dont look like the sorts who has to travel by bus". Look at the irony. It is my means of transport. I see nothing wrong in taking the bus. Petrol is still an expensive means if I take my car to work. So I am on my saving mode :)............. Hail KSRTC (Except on all those occasions when its so crowded , I can feel the perspiration of the next person .........

So as I was saying, I was walking towards the bus stop............. I looked to my right. A man and a woman were talking. Nothing strange about it except that he suddenly caught her neck. And he pushed her away. I was appalled. I am not talking about a man and a woman and the strength factor though I strongly feel about it.

What gives an individual any right to physically invade the space of another individual. I am ashamed of myself because I did not do anything. I saw it, observed it, felt bad for her and walked on worried when my bus would arrive, where it would stop, how long will it take for me to cross the road. I wanted to go sock him for treating an individual without respect. But who am I ? Saying so, Convincing myself I had no right to interfere....................I walked on.

April 2, 2007

The ride back home

This happened on 31st March………. I had been sick the first half of the week…down with viral. And all the TV channels must have known it because they conspired to ensure that all movies telecasted sucked....... well most of them sucked [:(]…………. So TV watching was out.

When you are sick, this wretched tongue seems to want Italian delicacies , Spicy soups and what not ……… and the stomach is just waiting to churn them so bad you feel like there is milk curdling inside …….

Well after a self imposed exile, I went to “The Forum” on Saturday and had a Burger at Mc Donald’s (I prefer KFC) with 2 of my colleagues and I bumped into my sister and a family friend there.

My colleagues bid adieu as it was nearing 9. My sister and I were calculating how much it would cost to take an auto back home as our friend had come by bike. We wanted to have dinner, so my sis and I decided to walk till the restaurant and he said he would meet us there.

To get a table in the smallest of eat outs is difficult was proved that day. We were waiting for what seemed like eternity………. Waiting sucks especially when your tummy keeps reminding you how it’s being neglected.

Without realizing what I was saying, I said lets skip the food here. Lets go to Pizza Hut on Ring Road (very near Domlur- my place) - all three of us on bike and laughed at the absurdity of the whole idea ..ha ha ha

When I realized my words were actually making an effect on my friend and sis, it was too late to take them back . My friend and sis were already planning who will sit where and which were the safe roads to take to avoid being caught.

I hate breaking traffic rules and I was firmly against it. Also one guy and 2 girls, well everyone would laugh and it was not safe. The counter argument to that was: When a family can go as 4 why not we 3?

Ha Ha Ha ….I was tensed initially and thinking what was I doing this mad thing for? I was breaking free (voluntarily) which is so not me………. I am more composed a person. I get mad very rarely and this seemed to be one of those mad moments.

I sat last, my sister in between and we went. The Enticer/Enfield.They both look the same. something like it bike had plenty of space. The wind on my face, with lots of my sister’s mane in my mouth and people staring……..God, It was strange but risky fun. I would never do it again for the fact that it’s not right. I m very happy no untoward incident occurred too.

But it left me with a goofy smile on my face and my mom was smiling when we retold the day’s event……….

On a secret note, I might do it again.... Why remove the possibility of it happening and not bask in that sunshine of happiness till then ? [:)]